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Just a tool to try to represent what altitude and distance would be on a flat and ball Earth. You can also see the distance to the north pole/center and it comes in both kilometers and miles. You also have the option to save a point and see the distance from that point to your current location.


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EarthModelSimulator.jar 16 MB
README.txt 12 kB
FlatModelTestsAndConclusions.txt 4 kB


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Version 0.12:

This is an extension of the previous update, we now have a moon, it orbits the Earth in a similar way as in reality. 

Night and day are now represented on both the moon and earth. 

The earth now also rotates on its axis.

For more information check the README file.

Hope you enjoy this version ;)

I've made some tests using the flat model to give you an idea of the distances between points/cities and the difference they have from reality.

The file containing that information was uploaded under the name FlatModelTestsAndConclusions.txt.


Version 0.10:

Added a new world. Ball World.

You can see distance to center and distance from the surface.

Point is disabled for now in this mode.

Size is accurate but model is slightly inaccurate. Same regarding the image used.

You can also change quality on options menu and it slightly improves accuracy on the model.

For more information check the README file.

Have fun ;)


Version 0.02:

Improved quality of image used as source and added 2 new images with higher resolution for an improved experience. You can choose which image to use during world animation.

Removed 6 text files during animation. Now you can choose between seeing miles or kilometers with the keys > t < and > y <.

Help now has all commands being displayed.

When you save a point, it now displays its location with a red cone object. So you can easily locate it.

For more information check the README file.

Have fun ;)

Version 0.01:

Added the ability to save a point on map and use it to calculate the distance to your current position.

Added on options the possibility to change the color matrix that changes the colors on the world map.

Minor changes to color of buttons and text.

For more information check the README file.

README file now also comes withing the app jar. You'll 7-Zip or another program to read it though.

Hope you enjoy this version, have fun ;)

I've uploaded the README file since it wasn't been shown inside the jar. I'll probably keep upgrading this app but in order to do so I need advice and ideas on what is more important and needed to do. Still it should be a fun little app to play with or use for educational purposes.

Have fun ;)